Handcrafted Specialties

Long-term commitment, true satisfaction and a high recommendation rate are always based on an exceptionally good price-performance ratio. And that is exactly what the traditionally handcrafted products of Langenbach offer you: Authentic culinary delight on the one hand and high profitability on the other – we call it cuisine MODERN.

Premium selected raw materials

The careful control of all ingredients according to the Langenbach standards guarantees the highest quality right from the start. The immediate, careful processing, subtle seasoning and the complete avoidance of additives subject to declaration guarantee the natural, fresh, genuine taste.

Exceptionally versatile potential for applications

Whether traditionally on the menu, as part of modern buffets, or in the catering and takeaway business. Langenbach products can be flexibly integrated into any culinary concept – as a component or on their own. Clear identification supports you in this:

Vegan dishes vegan
Vegan dishes gluten-free
Vegan dishes lactose-free
Vegan dishes HALAL


Our ready-to-eat pre-cooked frozen products with their high degree of convenience have always stood for easy storing and uncomplicated preparation. This ensures flexible planning and exact calculation, even with fluctuating workloads. Especially when staffing levels are tight, this is an unbeatable factor for kitchen-specific continuity and the associated economic success.

Poultry & Beef

Whether cold or hot, the ready-to-eat pre-cooked meat specialities cover a very wide range of modern gastronomy and international cuisines. The finely spiced flavour complements every meal harmoniously, from sandwiches and salad bowls to multi-ethnic cross-over dishes.

Serving ideas and examples from our product portfolio …

Chicken Strips Poke Bowl

Chicken breast tomato ragout with vegetable rice

Chicken kebab casserole

Hähnchen-Streifen 50/50
Hähnchen-Innenfilet „Natur“
Roastbeef Streifen

Chicken skewers

With so many uncomplicated possibilities to create combinations our skewers are the ideal finger food for successful event catering and impressive flying buffets. However, they also offer the possibility of adding a high degree of optional additional value in just a few steps.

Serving ideas and examples from our product portfolio …

Chicken skewer with ragout of courgette and noodles

Skewer in pita bread

Serpentine skewer with tomato sauce

Hähnchen‐Spieß „Teriyaki“
Hähnchen‐Spieß Paprika Zwiebel
Hähnchen‐Spieß Yakitori Sojasauce

Grilled over charcoal

The unique fine aroma of smoke that characterises many of our skewers is the result of gentle grilling over charcoal in combination with the specially adapted seasoning.

Sushi & Seafood

For many guests, seafood is the synonym for a light, protein-rich, exclusive cuisine. Our harmonious recipes can be served solo with a variety of dips or easily portioned as a highlight of many dishes.

Serving ideas and examples from our product portfolio …

Prawns with various dips

Sushi serving suggestion

Seafood selection

Shrimp im Teigmantel
Shrimp im Teigmantel
Seafood Täschchen

Hand-rolled genuine sushi

Only original Japanese sushi rice (Sasa Nishiki rice) and the freshest ingredients are used for our hand-rolled sushi. The fish components from daily catches are gently cooked or smoked and thus retain their typical exquisite aroma.

Hand rolled sushi

Vegan & vegetarian

A natural choice for a constantly growing target group
Fresh, genuine ingredients, authentically prepared. Ingredients that you can still taste bite by bite, fundamentally distinguish our vegan/vegetarian range from industrially produced products that use additives to simulate meat substitutes. In one of the strongest growing sectors of the last few years, we offer a quality that appeals to guests with high expectations.


The trend of easy snacking with your friends and partners – including a modern vegetarian offering – offers you a good chance of making a name for yourself as a caterer. Many guests find accordingly varied menus and “sharing” concepts highly attractive. Our vegetarian range combines both approaches in an optimum manner.

“Volcano” vegetarian, deep fried

Beetroot in Tempura, deep fried

Sweet Potato in Tempura, deep fried

Lotus Root in Tempura, deep fried

Beetroot Ball, deep fried

Antipasti-Roll “Zucchini” (hand rolled), steamed

Onion “Bhaji” vegan,
deep fried

deep fried

“VADA” Potato-Ball, deep fried


Our new creations, suitable for a vegan range throughout, appeal to demanding guests and modern head chefs both. Prepared carefully and individually by hand, this ensures an appealing, crunchy texture, while retaining the original vegetable flavours.

Süßkartoffel Tempura
Rote-Bete Bällchen


Our continuously increasing number of satisfied customers confirms our claim. With the high quality of its fresh ingredients, its authentic preparation methods and its finely tuned recipes, our tried and tested range consistently manages to convince our customers, offering a welcome change from industrial mass production.

Serving ideas and examples from our product portfolio …

Chickpea Paddy with Lentils

Spring rolls with sugar snap peas

Small chickpea paddies with sweet potatoes

Volcano Vegetarisch
Kichererbsen Bällchen
Wantoni Bällchen

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